Exchange of sports medical expertise with Tartu Health Care College (Estonia)

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In collaboration with Fontys University of Applied Sciences (FPH) and Tartu Health Care College (Estonia) we set up a live stream to exchange experience on cardio-pulmonary exercise test (CPET) as a diagnostic tool. The test was performed in Estonia, but explained by Dr. Backhuijs, specialised in sports medicine, for both the audience in Eindhoven and through live stream to the audience in Tartu.

For this occasion Vyaire transported a Vyntus CPX from Germany to Estonia. In Estonia there is little experience with CPET. Therefore Estonian physiotherapy students and cardiologists were interested to learn about diagnostic possibilities of the CPET. After the test the audience in Tartu asked questions and they were answered by Dr. Backhuijs in Eindhoven. Exchanging expertise between countries through live stream was a first time for FPH explore lab. “The exchange of expertise and the live coverage gives an extra dimension to the sharing of knowledge” an observer in the audience said.


  1. Adam Martin says:

    I wanted to see this video.Please provide the link! I am researching on sports medical treatment and this could be of great help! I am not able to access the video!

    1. Tessa says:

      Dear Adam, thank you for your message. The video was taken by university. What kind of research are you involved with?

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