Food and its influence on our body has always interested me. I was brought up on a diet without any sugar, porc and milk because my parents felt this was healthier for us. After I had survived high doses of penicilline to treat a bacterial meningitis at the age 2,5 years I experienced frequently diarrhoea. By now I know my bowels must have been disturbed as the penicilline also killed the good bacteria.

Even though it was hard to adjust to a diet as a child, because as a child you don’t want to be something special, I am happy not being used to sugar. In my puberty I ‘experimented’ with sugary foods, enjoyed it, but from my adolescence onwards I went back to low sugar intake.

On this page you will read about my ‘experiments’ with healthy food. What is healthy food? In fact there is very little knowledge about this topic. So with current trends and information from scientific research I enjoy finding out what influences certain foods have on my body. You will read my experiences on this page.